Dimensional Letters and Logos

We offer a large selection of interior and exterior dimensional letters. 

Dimensional letters come in a variety of plastics and metals, can be mounted to many different substrates or applied directly to an interior or exterior wall. They can also be produced with your own logo/artwork. Raised letters help make your signs pop. Consider reinforcing brand recognition by going 3D for your building numbers, plaques, and office signs.

Plastic letters are durable and cost-effective. Plastic letters come in several varieties. There are formed plastic letters, injection molded letters, and flat-cut acrylic letters.

Formed plastic letters are weather resistant, durable and provide the most depth for the price.
Injection molded letters differ from other plastic letters because they have sharp crisp edges and are painted, where plastic letters have a rounded edge and are pigmented.

Laser-cut acrylic letters have a smooth polished edge.

Metal laminate on acrylic or foam are a lightweight solution and are more cost-effective compared to metal letters.

Simulated brass letters and simulated stainless steel letters offer the look of brass and stainless steel without the high cost.

Aluminum letters are a lightweight and cost-effective metal letter. Cast aluminum letters have a slightly hollow back that allow more depth for a better price than a standard aluminum letter.

Brass letters are a pure yellow metal that shimmers elegance. The difference between brass letters and bronze letters is that bronze has a touch of copper in the alloy, which gives it a hint of red in the material. Cast bronze, like aluminum, has a slightly hollow back, which gives you more depth for a better price.